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Wet rooms - new solutions to waterproofing.

Wet rooms are definitely in fashion at the moment. Whether that's because a wet room is convenient or viewed as an affordable luxury upgrade to your home, who can say?

The one item that (for me anyway) puts many off is the 'tanking' - the method by which the whole room is waterproofed. Tricky whether the wet room is upstairs or downstairs.

Of course the professional bathroom companies make it all look easy.

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"New tanking innovations
solve Wet Room problems"
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Free solar panel installations now include monitoring.

A solar panel company that's aiming to supply 'free' solar panels to 100,000 homes across the UK has teamed up with a company that provide real time monitoring equipment which enables homeowners to see how much their solar panels are generating.

The free panels scheme works by offering homeowners free panel installations in return for the company keeping the lucrative feed-in tariffs generated.

The company behind the monitoring equipment reckon early customers are already seeing savings of up to 25%

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"Free monitoring deal
if your home's eligible"

Paying for home improvements.

Smaller home improvements like re-painting or tiling cost relatively little but can have a dramatic effect on your home. And the costs involved should be relatively small and affordable.

But what do you do when the improvement is going to cost a little more?

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"It's worth considering
all your financial options"

Drains and Sewers - who's responsible?

Many homeowners falsely believe the drains and sewers (including any manhole covers) within their property are the responsibility of the local council or water authority.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth and many homeowners have discovered the painful truth by incurring large bills for remedial works.

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drains and sewers - who's responsible - read more
"Drains and sewers
ownership is clarified"
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